Home Theatre & Sound

A Home Theatre system consists of a receiver amplifier, the unit driving your system, a DVD player to play your movies and a CD player, although some people will prefer to use their DVD player as a music CD player.

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Media Centres and Audio Servers are popular along with ipod or MP3 player connectivity. Of course added to this are the speakers which can include front channels, rear channels and sub-woofer for those all important bass or low frequency sounds that bring true theatre quality sound right into your home.

Choosing suitable quality speakers for your listening and viewing environment is not difficult although identifying known brands can be confusing. It is important therefore to not be tempted into buying cheap no-name brands, even though some quality brand names may not necessarily be known to you. Call us and discuss your ideas and requirements with one of our trained consultants.

Beconnected home theatre can advise you on the best layout for adapting an existing room, or to set up a new home, with home theatre and integrated sound throughout.

Equally important are the connecting cables so when you are considering your budget, allow for oxygen free copper cabling, along with quality interconnects. It will repay you in the long run with superior performance.

Beconnected services and home theatre packages are a key to successful implementation to suit your entertainment, comfort and design needs.

Home Cinema is now becoming standard for modern homes, with many people deciding to purchase quality home cinema equipment so they have the "cinema" experience in their own home. Beconnected can adapt and streamline your existing equipment, or provide or supplement and install equipment to suit your changing needs.

Beconnected are specialists in the area of home cinema, audio & sound, and can recommend a package that will suit your requirements as well as your budget.