About Beconnected

BECONNECTED Home Automation Sydney services include:

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Beconnected have designed, manufactured and patented a structured cabling system for the residential market in Australia .

We design, supply and install the wiring infrastructure or backbone for all your IT/electrical services.

The company was set up by its founders because we had bought or built new homes and soon realised that, when we had moved in, we didn't have enough cable in the walls to get telephones, PCs, Internet, TV, surround sound etc throughout our new homes.

Given the high cost of buying or building a new home we believed there just had to be a better or more modern way to wire new homes.

We have spent a number of years researching the market, talking to thousands of home owners, building and electrical contractors and service providers to make sure that you will not make the same mistake.

Our philosophy is based on 4 key pillars:

Access to Technology: We provide you with the wiring infrastructure to give you and your family access to modern technologies within the home.

Project Management: You will only have to deal with one company rather a myriad or phone, computer, TV, audio and CCTV people. We take the hassle out of it all from design through to installation and testing- a one stop shop for all your cabling needs.

Customer Care: We know you are busy and we want you to know that we really do care about you and your home. We carry out the installations in your home as if it were our own.

Value for Money: We know how costly it is to build or buy a new home. We want to ensure that you need only wire it once.