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smart home sydneyIncorporating the ultimate convenience of Smart Home options into your home is a simple process with the professionals at Beconnected, so call us now for an immediate assessment of your needs on 0418 447 737 or 9130-5477.

Our hard-won experience in all aspects of today's exciting Smart Home possibilities will ease your path through the technologies involved and help to ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked!

Beconnected can smart home your entire property or just those elements that you would most like.

We start the process through an initial consultation, where we can explore your building plans and aspirations. Together we can establish a general overview of your requirements. Once you have had time to dream a little and firm up your specific needs we then put together a customized proposal for your review and approval. At our location in Tamarama we can show and demonstrate many of the popular technologies so that you are completely familiar with your Smart Home options!

Where the smart home really differs from other homes is that a communications infrastructure is installed allowing the various systems and devices in the home to communicate with each other. The modern home may contain a variety of systems, such as central heating, fire and security alarms, and devices, such as televisions and lights, that usually exist in isolation from each other. In the smart home, these systems and devices are able to pass information and commands between them so that, for example, the security alarm can turn the lights on or off.

In developing the smart home, the Beconnected looked at how people currently use their homes and worked out how different technologies could make everyday tasks simpler or easier. Existing equipment in the home can be adapted to provide more functions; for example detectors normally used for security alarms can be used to identify if someone is in a room. New equipment can also be installed to automate tasks such as opening doors or windows.

Over the last fifteen years, computerised controls have become more common in our homes. Computers control our washing machines and microwaves, they turn our heating on and off, and they have provided new ways to monitor the safety and security of our homes. The smart home looks at expanding the use of these computers into other parts of the home, creating a single network that can be easily and conveniently controlled. The use of computer controls removes the need to actually flick a switch or turn a knob to make something work and allows elements of the home to be controlled remotely by, or to respond automatically to, the people living in it.

The smart home relies on a number of small computers distributed around the house that are either used to turn devices and appliances on and off or to send and receive information. These computers are linked together using either a dedicated cable or by sending a special signal through the mains electricity cables. 

What you get if you live in a Beconnected Smart Home

These are just some of the benefits of planning for the future with Smart Homes. With Beconnected your property investment becomes intelligent.

Your Beconnected smart home (our custom designed home automation system) will make clever decisions based on your desires, moods and movements. Your new smart house will work and change around your day to day living with very little direct input.

What you once thought were only available to the Jetsons is now a feature of your Beconnected smart home.